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Forrest C. Shaklee had a difficult start to life.  As a young child, he suffered from a disease.  You may be wondering how suffering from a disease led to the creation of a vitamin company!  It was young Forrest’s illness, which prompted his family to move to the farmland, thinking being closer to nature would be better for him.  It was this decision that forged the connection between nature and good health for Dr. Shaklee.  As he was lying on a hay bale watching the wildlife, he strove to interpret the meaning of nature, and it was here that he came to the realization that he too, was a product of nature.

Forrest C. Shaklee went on to become a chiropractor, and introduced his first product in 1915, Shaklee’s Vitalized Minerals. This was long before the idea of vitamins.  Shaklee made a connection between positive thinking and good health.  He believed that they worked hand in hand, with a positive mental attitude contributing to overall health. This became known as “thoughtsmanship”. He held the belief that, “What you think, you look!  What you think, you do! And what you think, you are!”

shaklee vitamins review

Always the inventor, Dr. Shaklee converted his clinic van to an early version of today’s motor home, fully equipped with bunk beds, running water, and an ice chest.  This enabled him to serve and meets the needs of his clients more effectively. It’s not surprising that he had an inventive mind, for he had the occasion to rub shoulders with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and was in frequent correspondence with them.

Sharing ideas with men who were great thinkers, Shaklee created his company with a vision of a similar caliber. At the age of 62, when most men were retiring, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee’s dream of improving people’s lives by helping them propelled him forward.  He believed in using completely organic material and it was under his leadership that Shaklee became known for being a company with vitamins and products that were in harmony with nature.  He believed in the preservation of our water, air, and most importantly, our bloodstreams.

Interesting to think about what drove Dr. Shaklee, a hundred years ago, to be interested in and have this vision for health and all natural vitamins.  This wasn’t a conversation people were having in 1915.  According to him, he was sick and tired of talking about disease, and he wanted to talk about prevention and wellness and wanted others to do the same.  Dr. Shaklee changed the conversation by creating Shaklee vitamins.

Shaklee vitamins, supplements, and products have always been recognized for this quality.  They have withstood the test of time.  Dr. Shaklee strove to match and exceed the quality offered by other companies, and this is what made him so successful.  I remember how devastated my sister and I were several years ago when Shaklee discontinued their make-up line.  The reason…they were no longer able to attain the high quality ingredients.  Instead of sacrificing integrity for a little more cash in their pockets, Shaklee took the products out of the catalog.  They hold that same philosophy with their vitamins and household cleaners.  Quality is at the forefront of the products they create!

Along with their top vitamin choices, Shaklee offers a wide range of personal care and beauty products.  Enfuselle Therapy Skin Care is one of their best selling skin care products.   They continue to demonstrate their commitment to the overall health of families by offering products for men, women, children, and babies, too.

His desire to offer products which are in harmony with nature continued with his cleaners.  Dr. Shaklee believed that they should also be friendly to Mother Nature.  Shaklee’s Basic H2 is a perfect example of an environmentally friendly product, but then again, they all really are!

Shaklee Basic H

Shaklee Basic H

When people ask, are Shaklee vitamins and products worth the money?  The truth is that only you can answer that.  How can you put a price tag on health?  For me, absolutely, of course they are!  A wise man once said, “How strange and foolish is man.  He loses his health in gaining wealth.  Then, to regain his health, he wastes his wealth.”  Shaklee enables you to have both.  You can start your own Shaklee business while using these scientifically tested, completely organic product…Products that are in Harmony with Nature!   I hope that you enjoy the information on this site and will discover the quality for yourself!

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