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Vivix Shaklee’s Proprietary Anti-Aging Formula


Quite a review for Vivix! You know,  if you ask woman what their number one complaint is, 8 out of 10 will make some reference to the aging process.  So what is it that bothers women, and are there any solutions on the market?  If you are a typical middle aged woman, looking in the mirror has probably become less appealing with each birthday that you have celebrated.

Each birthday is a reminder of another year that has passed by, of the youthfulness that is slipping between our fingers.  Wrinkles, large pores, and age spots are frequently noted on our faces, hands, and chest.  So how can you feel your best, when fighting this uphill battle every day? Are there any really worthwhile products on the market today?

Enter SHAKLEE VIVIX!  Vivix is just one of the many quality vitamins and products offered by Shaklee, and the timing could not be better to restore the hope for youthfulness. Living in a society that values youthfulness as much as ours, has become the perfect playground for Shaklee’s anti-aging phenomenon.  Vivix offers the company’s proprietary blend of all natural ingredients based on the rare mascudine grape.  This grape holds the secret blend of polyphenols such as resveratrol and quercetin.  This blend is 10x more powerful than resveratrol in slowing one the aging process. Together, in this scientifically advanced formula, they work to keep the hope of youthfulness alive by stimulating our cellular pathways and protecting against daily damage.

Best Anti-Aging Product by Shaklee


Why is it that some people seem to maintain their youthful?  Is it really just luck or good genes?  Shaklee has discovered that there is something that can be done at the cellular level, and they called it Vivix!  In the video below, Dr. Naggy explains how chronological age is measured in years, but cellular age is impacted by stress, uv radiations, environmental toxins, and poor diet.  So, is there hope for those junk food junkies and those sun worshippers?

Why is this Vivix Shaklee product and what makes it so unique?  For starters, it attacks aging from the inside out by assisting with cell defense, cell energy, cell repair, and cell performance.  Not only does it impact our longevity genes and repair DNA damage, but it actually slows the formation of age proteins, which is the equivalent of having plague in your cells.

Shaklee’s cutting edge research led them to the muscadine grape, which is one of the rarest, most potent grapes. Incredible antioxidant power is produced by the combination of polyphenol with the high levels of ellagitannins and ellagic acid found in the grapes.

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The Best Anti-Aging All Natural Ingredients

Due to the unique phenolic composition of muscadine grapes, they are able to thrive in harsh environments in the Southeastern United States.  The muscadine grapes are generally larger and have a stronger, thicker skin to combat the inconsistent and unpredictable climate.  Because of their make-up, they have extra protection against drought, excessive moisture, bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

Most importantly though, they have 6X the amount of resveratrol and their antioxidant level is 40X higher than regular red grapes.  They are the only grape with ellagic acid and they have more dietary protein than oat bran!  Leave it to the Shaklee Vitamin Company to make this incredible discovery.

People often ask, “are Shaklee vitamins worth the money?”  My theory is that you get what you pay for.  Since Vivix is one of the best anti-aging products out there, it is going to be appropriately priced.  If you are interested in loading up on resveratrol and reversing the cellular damage that goes hand in hand with that dreaded aging process, read more or purchase by clicking here for Shaklee Vivix.