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In an article by Deborah Kotz, of the U.S. News and World Report states five ways to be mindful and achieve optimal health. Among those are loving yourself unconditionally and living in the present moment. While these are great ideas, and I would recommend them for all of us, the truth is…it’s not enough. Unlike Shaklee vitamins, most people’s diets do not provide them with the nutrients. they need to prevent and achieve optimal health.

In fact, research shows that experts concur that our daily eating habits and lifestyle choices are a long way from what we require for optimal health. Are we getting all the necessary nutrients and exercise to have the energy needed for all the people and things that we love to do? If, by chance you have taken the time to research this issue, you know first-hand that most people fall incredibly short of getting what they need for preventing disease and optimizing their health and fitness. Even the most conscientious can consume more fruits and vegetables and hit the gym more frequently. That’s why Shaklee plays such an important role in providing people with the vitamins and supplements they need to feel good and look good.

Let’s face it…we live in a health and fitness crazed society. Each year, this industry alone brings in billions of dollars. You don’t have to look too hard to find some vitamins in your price range. Vitamins are sold in convenience stores, grocery stores, WalMart, health stores, and by independent distributors.

Some companies sacrifice quality to make the quick buck, and other more reputable companies show their strength with longevity and a commitment to quality, first and foremost. So, how does one go about sorting out his/her options? Obviously in junior high, we all learned to read labels. Although a seemingly mundane task, this is very important in comparing the vitamins and supplements that are on the market today. On, Dr. Jamie McManus, MD, FAAFP, refers to Shaklee’s Health Sciences and Education Department’s “The Top 10 Reasons to take Shaklee Supplements”. Below you will find a few of the key points highlighted.

Many vitamins and supplement companies are in a hurry to get their product to production and onto the shelves, even if it means the quality is questionable. Shaklee however conducts over 100,000 tests each year. Their sole purpose of this hefty investment is to ensure the quality, safety, and purity of their products. See what happens in the video below when comparing Shaklee Vitamins with other leading brands on the market.

Kind of difficult to imagine that the FDA endorses putting these products in front of us! Some of the top vitamins that people buy are not even absorbed by your body before exiting. That means you get zero nutritional value from them. Shaklee uses an advanced delivery system to enhance and ensure the nutrients are delivered when they are supposed to be. Interestingly enough, these other vitamins and supplements are featured on television commercials.

Meanwhile, Shaklee has not spent a penny paying for endorsement of their products through tv commercials and they have more than a fifty year track record of quality. Check the review for Shaklee vitamins and company and find out what sets them above the rest.

Even more concerning than the lack of absorption by certain leading vitamins are the inorganic materials which are found in many of the products being sold.  In some of the vitamin and supplement reviews, it was reported that many products on the market are actually terrible for your health and have serious concerns and even life threatening diseases associated with ingestion.  Some of the materials noted were lead, arsenic, and aluminum.  Are you re-thinking reading those labels now?

Shaklee test for up to 350 chemical contaminants, including the pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvent residues to name a few.  Most would never know this, because they simply don’t do their due diligence research or read the reviews.

Other companies that make vitamins use artificial colors to make their products more appealing.  Often these artificial colors are produced by toxic coal tar. Shaklee vitamins have continued their commitment to quality by avoiding the use of use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and added preservatives.

Because of Shaklee’s longstanding history of excellence, they were able to have a study conducted to examine the true effectiveness of their vitamins and supplements. There has never been a study conducted like The Landmark Study, which observed people who had taken the Shaklee vitamins and supplements for at least 20 years. The results clearly revealed that they had particularly better health then either single multivitamin users as well as non-supplement users.

Did you know that over 125 Olympic athletes are Shaklee vitamin and supplement users? That’s right over 125 athletes. More than 17 gold medals have been secured. In fact the first woman ever to win Olympic gold in the snowboard slopestyle was Team USA, Jamie Anderson, who also uses Shaklee.

Olympic Medalist uses Shaklee vitamins

And guess what…Shaklee’s road to excellence doesn’t stop there.  Team USA Cycling has won more than 60 championships.  Shaklee has paved the way for record breaking Everest Expeditions, Solo from the Pole, The Daedalus Project, Steger International Polar Expedition & Trans Antarctica Expedition. Even the NASA astronauts and Commander Mark Kelly give a good review for Shaklee vitamins.

Again, the decision becomes yours.  Are they worth the money?  What’s the price you’re willing to pay for optimal health?  They are good enough for Olympic athletes, NASA Astronauts and people scaling Mt. Everest. Why not try them for yourself?