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Review for Herb Lax Vitamins

A quality company like Shaklee selling a laxative, really?  Aren’t laxatives hard on your body?  The answer is that yes, most laxatives are, but that’s what makes the Herb Lax Shaklee vitamins different.  This product offers a gentle approach to irregular bowel movements and constipation.

Optimize Your Health with Herb Lax

Optimize Your Health with Herb Lax

The Mayo Clinic cautions that not all laxatives are safe, especially for extended use.  When normal, over the counter laxatives are used regularly, your bowels will essence, get lazy.  One possible side effect is a decrease in their ability to perform normal functions.  However, Dr. Shaklee used the leaves from the senna plant and other complementary herbs.  These are mild ingredients that accomplish the same results without the harmful effects.  The ingredients used today are the same as the original formula which Dr. Shaklee created almost a hundred years ago.

In an ideal world, we would all have three bowel movements a week, and there would be no need for Herb Lax or enemas, but let’s face it- our world is less than ideal.  Society at large has embraced a lifestyle of busyness. We run from work to pick up the kids, to soccer practice, to dinner time, to bath time, to bed time.  Having a warm meal on the table feels like a victory!  There’s not a lot of time allotted for getting the right amount of fruits and vegetable in our diet.

In fact, The National Institute on Aging reports six common causes for irregularity.  They are: diet, lack of exercise, medications, medical conditions, holding back bowel movements, and using too many laxatives or enemas.

In providing this Herb Lax review for you, I won’t go into great depth about each of these, but I would like to touch on a few.  The first reason is our diet, and there are two contributing factors.  Obviously, most people do not have a diet that is rich enough in fiber.  However, the other concern is what most diets do have, and that is a lot of dairy products, rich and sugary desserts, eggs, and meats that are high in fat.  Eating prepared foods does not yield enough fiber to balance and maintain regular bowel function.  Another concern with most diets is the dehydration.  People either don’t consume enough liquid or tend to opt for sodas and sugary drinks over water, the old essential standby.

The second and easily changeable reason that most people have a need for products like Herb Lax by Shaklee or another over the counter laxative is that they do not get enough exercise.  Participation in daily physical activity helps to move the waste through our system and out of our body.  The elderly, disabled or people recovering from surgery may have a greater need for laxatives.

The last factor that I would like for you to consider is that another concerning reason for bowels that no longer work and that is the overuse of laxatives and enemas.  Laxative abuse and addiction has become part of our society’s growing list of eating disorders.

Please be sure to seek help if you find yourself in this situation.  It’s a lonely, dark disorder, but there is hope.  So, I want to encourage you to get the help that you need.  So, let’s compare laxatives from Shaklee and another leading brand.

Maximum Strength Ex-Lax Reviews

This is a stimulant laxative that carries with it the red flag warning that regular use could weaken the body’s ability to naturally defecate or cause a dependency on laxatives. After 91 years, Ex-Lax pulled three of its’ leading laxatives off the market, and removed phenolphthalein because high doses of it caused cancer in animals. Click here to read the whole story on their laxatives.

Herb Lax Shaklee Reviews

Herb Lax is made with the use of all natural ingredients of the highest standards.  The main ingredient in Herb Lax is senna and senna leaves which inhibit stationary contractions in the colon and stimulate contractions in the bowel.  As the name indicates, Herb Lax is a combination of nine different herbs that cause a gentle bowel movement within a couple of hours.  For those with difficulty in regulating their bowels, Herb Lax is a great choice!  It cleanses your intestines and blood, increase absorption of nutrients, and strengthens intestinal muscle action.  It also removes decaying foods, toxic chemicals, and bacteria and other parasites.

Are Shaklee vitamins worth the money?

Again, that’s for you to decide, but the quality found in Shaklee vitamins doesn’t compare to other leading products on the market, not with laxatives or any other products for that matter.  Shaklee insists on using only the highest standards for their ingredients, testing, production, and customer service.

If you are experiencing inconsistent and irregularity, click here to give Shaklee Herb Lax a try! It’s the gentle solution for your most “pressing” needs!