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Vita Lea Review

Vita Lea Iron Rich Formula by Shaklee

Vita Lea Iron Rich Formula by Shaklee

If you aren’t interested in the whole kit and caboodle of Shaklee vitamins that the Vitalizer Gold and others offer, Vita Lea is a great place to start in optimizing your daily health.  This multivitamin comes in the traditional formulas as well as Vita Lea Iron Formula.

Many doctors recommend a good daily vitamin for optimizing your health.  Most multivitamins, like Vita Lea, ensure that we get an adequate amount of several micronutrients.  Again, ideally it would be great if we all got these from our normal diets, but that generally, is not the way it works.  These micronutrients may be present in our diets, but not in the needed or optimal amounts.  The ingredients found in multivitamins play an important role in disease prevention.  Some of those diseases are cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Folic acid is one of the nutrients found in a multivitamin.  Research has shown that babies whose mothers start taking folic acid prior to conception are less likely to be born with birth defects, like spina bifida.  When folic acid levels are increased through a supplement like Shaklee Vita Lea, the associated risk of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s , and some types of cancer are decreased.

Since there is a lack of ultraviolet light during the winter in many parts of the world, we have to resort to other options for Vitamin D.  Studies have shown that there is an increase in Vitamin D deficiencies due to the application of sunscreen and the avoidance of exposure to the sun.  If we are not obtaining this nutrient by spending time in the sun, a multivitamin is suggested.

Also present is vitamin B12.  Aging adults show a decrease in their ability to absorb this vitamin from food.  The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults over 50 obtain their recommended daily allowance for vitamin B12 through a daily supplement.  Vitamin B12 is a critical factor in regulating the normal functioning of our brain and nervous system and in the formation of our blood.

The vitamins made by Shaklee were developed with the family in mind.  For those who cannot swallow, there is a product called Liquid Lea to provide you with your daily nutrients.  Since iron deficiencies have become a considerable problem in the United States, a great choice would be Shaklee’s Vita Lea Iron Formula.

Often people buy convenience and accessibility without doing the research.  They would much rather walk into a pharmacy, and pick something off the shelves.  However, a little research goes a long way.  Although people question whether Shaklee vitamins are really worth the money, the fact is that they work.  They do what Shaklee claims that they are supposed.  Check out this video below of an over-the-counter multivitamin.

After 15 minutes and counting, the multivitamin had still not dissolved.  It was still difficult to break, and I guess, one has to question whether those nutrients were ever really released into our digestive system to do what they claimed to do.  I’m not really here to bash any companies, but rather to speak to what I do know.  In providing a review for Shaklee’s Vita Lea, it’s a product that is hard to beat.  Let me take that one step further, it’s a product made by a company, that is also hard to beat.  A Shaklee vitamin does what it is supposed to do.  These vitamins are designed to be released into our system at the most beneficial time in our digestive process.  A product like the one featured in the video above would never make it to production.  Shaklee’s standards are just too high, and they are not willing to compromise their reputation of excellence for a few more bucks.  In contrast, see the video below featuring Shaklee’s multivitamin.

By the 5 minute mark, Vita Lea was fully dissolved and dispensed into digestive system.  Your health is something you don’t miss until it’s gone, but today you have a choice.  When it comes to my body, I choose only the best.  Click here if you’re ready to choose the best too, Shaklee Vita Lea.