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Weight Management (Weight Loss) Shaklee 180

If you are like most people who struggle with their weight, you have probably been on a diet or tow or seven during your lifetime.  Shaklee 180 is designed to be your last diet. Not only have people had amazing results, but people are finding that their ability to maintain that weight loss is different with Shaklee 180, than it is with other programs.

Shaklee 180 is a great new product and program that is designed to do as it says, turn your life around 180 degrees.  It has been clinically tested, and what makes the program so unique is that it teaches you how to keep the weight off.  Leucine is a key ingredient which assists people in burning fat and not muscle.  On conventional diets, you lose both fat and muscle.  Since fat takes up more space, with Shaklee 180 and the amino acid, Leucine, your shape will change more dramatically.

In the clinical study it showed that participants lost 15.4 pounds in 90 days, but even more significant was the 4 inches they lost around their waist and 3 inches they lost around their hips.  With other weight loss programs, you also lose muscle, which seems antithetical to a weight loss program.  The amount of muscle you have sets your metabolism, which determines how many calories you burn.  If you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories.  To make matters worse, when you go off your diet, regaining the weight is almost inevitable and you end up farther behind than when you started.

The snacks and bars are formulated with lots of protein and fiber, which helps you to feel full, and of course, that key ingredient of Leucine maintains muscle mass as well.  A typical day would consist of replacing two meals with Shaklee 180 Shakes, an afternoon snack of a Shaklee 180 Bar, and a healthy evening meal. Each shake or smoothie contains 24 grams of protein.  They are gluten free and low glycemic. Staying true to the Shaklee quality, Shaklee 180 weight loss products do not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.  The Shaklee 180 program not only included the shakes, bars, and snacks, but it also includes Metabolic Boost.

The Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program

The Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program

Shaklee’s Metabolic Boost contains very powerful green tea catechin extract.  This product is designed to help you burn more calories naturally, so that you lose weight faster.  Now, who wouldn’t like to lose weight faster?  Are Shaklee vitamins worth the money?  You tell me, what are you willing to pay for a high quality weight loss program, which retains your muscle.  How important is it to be only natural, organic ingredients in your body?  If you are shopping for a weight loss program, click here to give Shaklee 180 a try.